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March 10th
Districts to help fund charter school?
August 18th
Funding for New Century and Regents scholarships to be restored
July 1st
Applications for the Carson Smith Scholarship are due

Jun. 17, 9:00 AM
The Education Interim Committee of the State Legislature holds a public meeting.
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Feb. 23 - Mar. 22
Comcast Newsmakers interviews Robyn Bagley about www.Utah-EducationFacts.com
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Mar. 12
The 2009 Legislative Session concluded on Thursday, March 12th at midnight
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Did You Know?

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the landmark report, A Nation at Risk.
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In the 2007-08 school year, Utah spent $8,224 per public school student.
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Charter schools are independent public schools run by parents or non-profits.
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The average class size in Utah is 22.2
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High school students can graduate with an associate's degree and a scholarship worth 75% of college tuition.
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Financial Transparency Website

Passed in 2008 | Updated in 2009

The Transparency in Government Act created a website (www.transparent.utah.gov) where all financial transactions made by state and local governments in Utah must be reported.  Currently, the website only includes financial data from state-level agencies, but by May 15, 2010, it will also include data from local government entities, including school districts and charter schools.

State-Level Agencies Related to Education

The state-level agencies related to education that have data posted on Transparent.Utah.gov include:

  • School & Institutional Trust Lands Administration
  • Utah State Board of Education (which includes the Utah State Office of Education)


In the 2008 General Session, the Utah State Legislature passed Senate Bill 38, which requires government agencies at the state level to make certain financial information available online.  The website with the financial information is called the Utah Public Finance Website and will be available on May 15, 2009.

In the 2009 General Session, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 18 which adds local government entities, including school districts and charter school, to the Transparency in Government Act. The financial information from local government entities will be available online by May 15, 2010. 

The efforts to put all state financial data online were lead by Senator Wayne Niederhauser (R, District 9 - Sandy).

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